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Anita Blake fans of Florida
18th-Sep-2006 06:39 pm
I'm just writing to say hello.. I'm kinda new at the community thing, so I'm hoping this goes to the one I want it to go to.

Anyway, I hope something starts happening soon around here.. I joined like 2 days ago and have yet to see a post from anyone.. what's going on?

My name is Nora BTW. I'm 26 and a huge fan! I hope you guys write something back, it'd be awesome to hear from ya. TTYL
23rd-May-2010 01:35 pm (UTC)
hey u guys, check out www.hookedonvamps.com, right there in florida.
all kids of updates on vampires and weres and such.
wonderful lady behind it all.
very knowledgeable, posts a new quote from a book almost every day and has updates on new books and happenings.
a growing number of followers for her too can be found at her location on facebook, hookedonvamps.
you have a question on something in this genre and she will answer it or has access to someone that can.
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