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Anita Blake fans of Florida
Book report 
23rd-Jul-2006 05:06 pm
Just finished up Danse Macabre.
Overall? eh. It was ok. I was a little dissapointed that she didn't shoot anyone (ok, sorely dissapointed). I mean, c'mon, it's Anita. She only pulled the gun out once, and was wearing all her weapons twice, but both times they were yanked off right before she had sex. I think i'm just a little tired of all the sex in the book. Yes, I understand the arduer and all that, but learn to feed from a distance, ok? That's why Jean-Claude has all those dance clubs (which would honestly be a lot of fun to go to...if they really existed, of course)

One of the things that really irritates me is the fact that there are too many men in the book. And now we're introducing more? The siren thing was kinda cool, and the whole Augustine thing was all right (considering they both had decent plot points) but after that, she decided to forget about both of those plot points and say, "hey, let's have sex with Nathaniel, Jean-Claude, Richard, and Micah all at the same time."

I actually got a little confused towards the end of the book. So, everyone was at the ballet, and all that, then Marmee Noir came in (ooh scary), then they went back to the van, 'cause Anita needed energy, then they went back to the dance club, then everyone vanished. You didn't hear anything about any other character except Asher, who really wasn't in the book to begin with. It sounded like LKH decided, "aw crap, I missed a character. Guess I'll have to randomly throw him into a sex scene."

I'm just going to be paitent and wait for the book where she travels to Washington, D.C. (a rumor that LKH posted in her blog when she was travelling up north.) Now that would be cool. Especially since she said something about Edward being in that one.

The book was just poorly put together. She tried to bring up some major plot points, but either ran out of time, or ran out of space and just tried to throw everything into one 500 page book. Is she getting tired of Anita, I wonder? I can actually equate this to the last Merry Gentry novel, which I think of as, "let's see how many times we can get this character to have sex in one day?" I think that should honestly be the topic of that novel.

Off topic, sorry. So, too much sex, not enough violence, and too many men. Oh, and no vampire hunting, zombie raising, or crime solving. We've now completely missed the entire point of Anita Blake, and all the reasons we fell in love with her in the first place. Well, we can giver her credit for being in the hospital. At least that was a continuation from the past novels.

All in all, just wasn't thrilled with it. Next.
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