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Anita Blake fans of Florida
19th-Jul-2006 02:01 am
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Hi, I'm mneiai. I go to college in Florida and saw you didn't have any other members, so I figured I'd join the comm.

I've been a LKH fan since sixth grade (I'm a college junior, now) and my first convention ever was to see her in St. Louis at this itty bitty con that a bunch of people from the mailing list went to. I was pretty much enamoured with the series until Obsidian Butterfly (which was one of the main reasons I wanted to go to that con--she was doing a reading from it before it was released), where I started to feel a bit of disappointment in some of the characterizations (I liked Edward as just a sociopath). After that I think it was one bad move after another on LKH's part, where the editing and proofreading of her novels, as well as the plots, took a blow. Speculation lends to the theory that it was/is her personal live interfering, which seems the most accurate reasoning.

I'm very upset with the last few books for their lack of a concrete, mystery/horror plot. One of the great things about Anita was she wasn't all about romance or even work, she had these great adventures as someone solving supernatural crimes. I miss that. I'm also usually a huge erotica fan, but I just can't get into LKH's scenes. Or the amount that's in the books, for that matter (I wish she'd tone it down, some...sometimes the sexiest sort of sex scene is the one where we don't have extremely descriptive information about them).

Recently, I've found myself identifying the most with Richard Zeeman and I've begun a characterization essay here on my lj which goes into my feelings about him. It's odd, for me, because I didn't like him at all until Danse Macabre, when I started to realize that how Anita saw him was very, very stained by her own opinions.

I still want to know what LKH is doing with the characters, though, so I'll keep reading, though I've decided not to buy any of the hardcovers after this point. Also, I can't forget that the earlier books were some of the all time favorite books, which I was capable of quoting entire chapters of, and therefore will always be nostalgic over the "vintage" Anita Blake.
20th-Jul-2006 12:22 pm (UTC)
Hi there! Just thought I'd say welcome (since there aren't many of us yet) and I look forward to reading more about your characterization opinions of LKH's characters. I'm not a big fan of Richard, and not because of the way Anita sees him, but because I believe that he's a strong character, should be a powerful werewolf and can be more when he fully accepts that his role as Ulfric should always come before his personal hatred of his own beast.

One of my favoritte scenes, as gory as it was, had to be when he transformed for the very first time in front of Anita and fought to become Ulfric. Not that I enjoy watching werewolves eat each other, but that was a very poignant scene and when she ran to Jean-Claude, I could 'see' her literally running. Not many of her books after that truly showed the reader what was going on as vividly as that scene, in my opinion.
20th-Jul-2006 06:06 pm (UTC)
I think Richard is a strong character and the reason he continually seems uncapable of accepting his beast are all put out there in front of us: Firstly because LKH no longer likes the character that was based off of her former-husband (his characterization takes an awfully obvious downward spiral when she was having problems with him and now that they're divorced).

Also, if you recall the scene you mention: It proved that Anita thought he was a monster, thus confirming in Richard's mind that he was. Anita had been encouraging him to accept his beast and he had been trying, out of love for her, to do as she said. And then she turns around and can't handle it. As someone who knows what it's like to be disappointed in those you love for not being strong enough, I feel for Richard. In fact, even though I pretty much hated him until recently, I still felt for him.

I agree with you on the last--I wish we had more vivid, violent scenes. They are a lot more emotional than all the descriptions of people and clothing, and between ABVH and MG the sex scenes are getting to be too detailed. I want some violence, back, something scary and thrilling.
20th-Jul-2006 09:26 pm (UTC)
yeah, remember the good old days when Anita was always surprised or cought off guard by stuff she didn't know or didn't 'get'? like that short vampire who wasn't human or the one who used to be a fairie? it sort of looks like it might be going back to the scary surprises, eventually, say, three or maybe ten books from now, seeing how a 500 page book described ONE froggin day in Anita's life.. but it might be a little too bizzarre and fantastic (not in a good way), and a bit too...convinient...

..I wish there was more crime, and murder and mystery again.. and even with the sex, I wish LKH would follow through on her promises.. she promised us a bottom Nathaniel, and hasn't yet delivered much of that.. and how much longer will we have to wait for a real threesome with Asher and JC.. although we finally did get Jason...

btw, when we first met Nathaniel, it was Stephen who was his best friend, but now Stephen has vanished, and Nathaniel is best friends with Jason.. in DM there was a tiny blurb (if you blinked, you missed it) about how they took a dance class together.. huh??!!!! I want more plot about the dance class, dammit :PP

also, my roommate/friend dated a guy who had an ex-gf like Anita.. they seemed to really like each other, but how can one have a monogamous relationship with a guy who is always running off to help his ex-gf, who he is still shagging, btw.. I mean, maybe if Anita could be close friends with Richard's new girl, maybe then it might work, but these women all seem to really hate each other...

21st-Jul-2006 02:02 am (UTC)
Gods, yeah, can you believe that? And in one of the recent blog posts LKH said something about how she's, like, 200 pages in and they're just getting to breakfast! So it looks like the next book is going to be one day, too ::sigh:: I miss the times when it was, like, a week.

I miss the crime so much. Yeah, you know what, not only has Nathaniel not had any really submissive/masochistic sex scenes, but despite Anita continually calling him submissive, he's been getting more and more dominant. I wish Anita would get over her homophobia and allow Asher and JC to be together...I feel really bad for Asher, because he loves just JC and wants to be with him, while Anita isn't allowing JC to be with anyone else while she's going around having sex with complete strangers....

More amusing yet? When we first met Richard, Stephen was his best friend ^.^

Gods, I feel sorry for Richard--with the marks and everything he's never, ever going to be able to have a real relationship with another girl. I feel sorry for the girl, too. If this wasn't all from Anita's POV I bet we'd get some really good stories with Richard breaking some girl's heart, completely unintentionally, just because he's always thinking of Anita.
21st-Jul-2006 07:02 am (UTC)
If this wasn't all from Anita's POV I bet we'd get some really good stories with Richard breaking some girl's heart, completely unintentionally, just because he's always thinking of Anita.

definately! he is smart (PhD in Biology!!), has a pretty face AND a hot body, leads his own pack, has a cute-sounding job... I'm sure quite a few girls could be convinced to watch sexist old musicals or even to go do risky nature-adventure stuff with him... then, after he's been so great for like, three dates, suddenly the Ex shows up, and he has eyes only for her...

speaking of girls, my gosh, whatever happened to Vivian? talk about the deep and dark past!!! I mean, c'mon, "my dick is too large and/or I am too rough in bed" vs "I was raped and tortured for about 24 hrs"...

and Silvie & Gwen!!! they were such strong, smart women, and then they vanished...

..along with the lamia, who got a green card and a job at the Circus from JC, and was practically never mentioned again, except to say she is one of the acts at the Circus... seriously, the Traveler could not control her, and JC can? she made male lamias and was gonna have little baby lamias with them, dammit! perhaps the lamia plot with come back one day, along with the one where Jason and Nathaniel wear sweaty old tights and go to dance class together, and such...

21st-Jul-2006 06:13 pm (UTC)
Generally theory is that most of the other strong female characters who would in any way disagree wtih Anita have either been destroyed (ala Ronnie) or have been forgotten (like everyone you mentioned, plus more).

Melanie the lamia! She was so awesome. I always wanted a follow up on her. ::sigh::
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